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Word/Question ‘Round Town is That…What is the deal with Kanye and his album The Life of Pablo?

We’ve probably all heard it now. The Life of Pablo is now available for fans outside of Tidal. After a somewhat huge emotional rampage by Chicago’s own Kanye West it seems the rapper couldn’t stick to his word, ‘My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal’ posted on his Twitter account mid-February. Recently, DefJam told New York Times the album (of which is continually bing updated) will be out for listeners on all major streaming sites from 1st April.

The question is why now? The Life of Pablo was released first for download on Kanye’s official website and in Tidal’s store for $20 (£14) in February following his Saturday Night Live performance. Some confusion must have arose when the link was suddenly taken down and KanyeWest.com crashed. Users were left with credit charges and a confirmed purchase only without the download code….the files were removed. Close to 4,000 fans paid for the album only to find it unavailable to own. Kanye, apparently unhappy with the masters continued to tweet the tracks and uploading new versions on Tidal for streaming and still claiming his album will never be available outside the walls of Tidal.

Why is The Life of Pablo suddenly available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, HipHopDX, AND download?

Here’s what some bloggers and commenters have concluded/asked:

Is it because he just isn’t getting enough listeners on Tidal? Although Tidal stated they have over 3 million users now, we do not know for sure. For all we know this number may have just been a snapshot of Tidal’s memberships when The Life of Pablo was released along with the free trial. Many free trial users would have cancelled their membership immediately before Tidal began taking money from them. Even if the stats are for real, Kanye had still been missing out on the the millions of listens and downloads he could have received on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and so on, if his music were available on such major streaming sites.

Is it because Kanye West wants a chart position? Despite, apparently, having 250 streams in the first 10 days of Kanye’s release, The Life Of Pablo cannot compete in the BillBoard charts because reports were only disclosed to Nielsen Music, not BillBoard. Tidal refused to dish out any other reports.

Is it to stop illegal downloads? TorrentFreak estimated the album had been illegally downloaded 500,000 in its first 24hours of release.

Is it all part of a scandal? Did Kanye plan this all along and use his album as a means to getting more Tidal subscribers? It wouldn’t be the first time he’s lied. Do you remember him claiming that president Barack Obama calls his house phone? Or how about this one where he stated he ‘ate breakfast at Gucci’ (Gucci doesn’t serve breakfast) – see more lies of Kanye here. 

Or is it some kind of joke? It was scheduled to be released on April fool’s after all. What’s next? Will it be taken down again?


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Hello from WordRoundTownIsThat..

WordRoundTownIsThat has been set up to discuss, right here on WordPress, the current topics that are prevalent…aaand maybe not so prevalent today.

“What kind of topics are we speaking of?” you say? Topics revolving around the music industry, specifically the business end and law. For example, WordRoundTownIsThat Mayor of London Boris Johnson is very ambitious on this night-time economy thing. How is it going to effect venues and clubs? How is it going to effect music lovers? How is it going to effect the peeps who can’t sleep because people are galavanting outside their houses and peeing on the doorstep? (I may as well take that up as my first post 😉 )

Another example, WordRoundTownIsThat music should be free.

Let’s try another, WordRoundTownIsThat copyright has messed up the music world.

I’ll be posting for the next few months and see what we can all get from it. Keep on the lookout, let’s stay in touch. First post will be up tomorrow 8am (GMT).


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