Just As Bad

Word Round Town is That … Music piracy is a huge issue and has been since Napstar (and even before that…we could still pirate tapes before the internet came along). One thing I question is “who are the real criminals here?”

When asking a musician or artists (especially unestablished artists), “Do you think people should pay for music?” They first response is, “Yes”. “Artists need to get paid”. Yet, when asked “Do you download songs illegally (e.g. YouTube converter)?” They say “Yes”. (My classroom was full of raised hands when asked if they do).

Isn’t this kind of hypocritical. I’ve heard so many people suggest reasons as to why it is ok for them to download music illegally but not for others to download their own music illegally, basing their opinion on the fact that these big artists don’t need our £0.99 because their rich as it is. Quick question. How is it they got rich? Many didn’t start off rich. Many artists started from the bottom and made it big because people bought their tickets, merchandise, etc, supported them and paid for their tracks.

I think many of us musicians/artists stand guilty regarding this, not just with music but also production software. Even the big ballers seem to be pirating – couch couch Kanye West!! cough.

Piracy is not dying. Check the stats. If we musicians/artists want to earn a living from music, we must first treat it as we wish others treat our own. Nothing will change if we don’t start with ourselves.

Thing is, even if we think music should be for free (which hey we all have our thoughts as to whether it should be or not), IT IS. #Spotify is basically music FOR FREE. At least sign up to that.

Thats the word on the street. What do you think?


Image taken from Sesame Street: Elmo The Musical – “Barnacle Subtraction Song …